Black glazed trefoil jug (shaped like askos) [Π 5514 and Π 5530]

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Αρχείο της Εφορείας Αρχαιοτήτων Χανίων

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Κ.Τζανακάκη, ΚΡΗΤΗ-ΑΙΓΥΠΤΟΣ, Πολιτισμικοί δεσμοί τριών χιλιετιών, ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΟ 2000, 414, αρ.479.


Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Χανίων


Πτηνόμορφος ασκός με πλαστική λαβή σε μορφή Πανός.



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Τέλη 3ου αι. π.Χ.
Μέση Ελληνιστική εποχή

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Black glazed jug shaped like askos (a vessel probably inspired by containers made from animal skin). Ovoid body, conical hollow foot with a ring base, trefoil mouth and one vertical handle modeled in a representation of Pan. At junction of neck and body two incised lines and above them, on neck, are visible traces of the “Western Slope” style decoration. On body ribbed decoration, interrupted by a decorative band with a painted white wreath. God Pan’s body leans back following the curve of the handle and is mold made; he is represented naked, ithyphallic, bearded with animal features such as horns on head and hairy goat legs.
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