Statue of Herakles [Λ 41]

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Αρχείο της Εφορείας Αρχαιοτήτων Χανίων


Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Χανίων

Physical Dimensions

Υ = 1,05 μ. Πλ.= 38,5 εκ. Πχ.= 31 εκ. Υ.= εκ.


Μαρμάρινο άγαλμα του Ηρακλή. Ο ήρωας ακουμπάει στο ρόπαλό του, από το οποίο κρέμεται μία λεοντή.



Temporal Coverage

31 π.Χ.
324 μ.Χ.
1ος αι. π.Χ.
Ρωμαϊκοί χρόνοι
4ος αι. μ.Χ.

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Roman marble statue representing Herakles of the Farnese type (roman copy of the Hellenistic original). This example of Roman sculpture shows the Greek hero – known as the Farnese Herakles – leaning on his customary wooden club. The statue, seen from the front, reveals an excessively muscular body with his arm draped over a club covered by a lion’s skin. His veins are bulging, his face is ovoid, his eyes almond – shaped, his nose is long, his beard is tangled, his forehead is wide. But despite this massive and powerful presence, Hercules is not depicted in action and intensity; instead he leans tired on his club. The posture represents not a moment of his irresistible triumph, but an attitude of exhaustion. Hercules, at the end of his twelve labors, seems tired and seeks for rest.
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