Marble fragment of a table support [Λ 286]

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Αρχείο της Εφορείας Αρχαιοτήτων Χανίων

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Νινιού- Κινδελή Β.”Κεφαλές Διονύσου στο Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Χανίων” , Κρητική Εστία- περίοδος Δ΄- τόμος.4, Χανιά 1991-1993, 25-37


Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Χανίων


Τμήμα τραπεζοφόρου με παράσταση του Διονύσου.



Temporal Coverage

101 μ.Χ.
200 μ.Χ.
2ος αι. μ.Χ.
Ρωμαϊκοί χρόνοι

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This marble head, is part of a trapezoforos, and likely represents the youthful Dionysos. The head is represented frontally. His long, wavy hair is tied with a taenia (ribbon) that is wrapped around his head, visible under the ivy wreath. The oval face is characterized by a narrow forehead, a long nose, small fleshy lips, prominent fleshy cheekbones, and lidded almond-shaped eyes. The sides of the work are only roughly carved, suggesting that the principal viewpoint was from the front. This marble trapezophoros is the support for a large tabletop that probably stood in the atrium of a wealthy family’s house. These decorative objects always found in elegant Roman houses were displayed on one or three-legged tables, the slab tops of which had raised edges around them. The ornamentation of such tables was splendid and expensive. This exhibit was found at the area of Neou Kourna and is to be dated to the 2nd century AD.
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