This module presents a learning section which is an integrated set of interactive online services which provides teachers, and others involved in education with information, content, rich multimedia  and other resources to support and enhance educational delivery regarding the archaeological  museum collection of Chania and its  exhibits including  the archaeological and historical information about them. The module is developed through specific topics sorted in thematic subsections.

This module is a framework of tools that work together to deliver to the students an educational experience by unifying archaeological and historical theory & practice, technology and content.

This module consists of various thematic sections. Each thematic section displays information and images of the museum objects of the Archaeological Museum of Chania.

The present thematic section concerns teachers, and provides materials to help them prepare students for a museum visits and to assist them in developing classroom discussions.  

These sections can be used individually or in combination to develop concepts and themes related to the observation, examination and  interpretation of the exhibits.

This module enables teachers to bring the history and archeology lessons to the young audiences. The main goal is to help young students to explore and understand the use of the objects in the Museum's collection.

The archaeological objects (museum exhibits) displayed in the following thematic sections consist of a stimulus for the education of children. The enhanced presentation of objects gives children the opportunity to process information about everyday life and reality in antiquity, as each object is placed in a framework of daily action of the antiquity.

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